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Latest News and Views

by Ingrid Webster



Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Man's Dream Becomes His Message: Eddie, the Happiness Ambassador

It's been a while since you last got a sign of activity from me, and I must apologize for the long stretch of silence. You know, I'm one of those people who can be distracted very easily, so the only way how I do accomplish anything is by burying myself deep into the matter.

And there was a sense of urgency for me to share all the new features that will be available later this year. I'm so excited about it, I can barely stand it!

I don't want to disclose too many details, as to not take away all the fun ahead of time. Stay posted so you won't miss anything, because you'll be ecstatic to learn about all the freebies you can collect.

But there's still a little time, since I'm working out all the details as we speak. And I have a few more miles to go...

Speaking of miles - I'd like you to know about Edward Rodriguez. Eddie is the kind of person who inspires me greatly, with a positive attitude that is unshaken despite his countless setbacks.

A few years back, Edward set out to walk from South Florida to New York City, to bring his smiles on the road. He wanted nothing more than to make others happy.

But why was he going this great distance? Because sometimes, you have to start somewhere.

The adventures he encountered during this long and often lonely walk, were enough to fill a book. So he wrote down his incredible journey, all along while reflecting on his past obstacles.

What he discovered was nothing short of untold riches: the fact that you become a better person by going through catastrophic ordeals and conquering them. His very personal journey, and he's sharing it in his book.

You should read it - maybe it will inspire you too!



Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year - Here's to a New Beginning!

Literally. You already know that I'm wishing you the very best to come. Goes without saying. Except for this year, we're digging a little deeper. Let's put some punch into all these good wishes!

What does it mean, when someone wishes you a "Happy New Year"? It has become the standard greeting around the turn of any year. People trying to be polite. And they probably mean it too.

Is it more powerful because everybody is saying it? Or has it become so common, that we don't think about that greeting anymore?

And what does anybody else know about your happiness anyway. Nobody can possibly get personally involved in all these other people's happiness, right? Why, of course - it's not their business to make you happy, because it is your job in the first place. Besides, they don't know what makes you happy.

Do you?

I want you to clearly define what your own happiness is made of. Go ahead, write down what makes you happy. Take some time. Write down all words that describe your definition of YOUR being happy. Then edit them: eliminate what seems silly or unreachable or unreasonable. Add some others. Edit some more. Until you have a quite accurate description of what makes you happy. (You'll be surprised...)

Now the important part: think about ONE word that describes what YOU need to do to make your "happiness meter" go up. (mine is "diligence")

ONE word.

This word will be your guidance word for 2017. Keep this word where you see it often and let it remind you throughout the entire year.

Better yet: go to the Signature Event and enter your word to inspire others. Or attend the Signature Luncheon, where you get to paint your word on a rock that will be displayed in the future museum.

Because this year, there is some help with navigating the oceans of life.

Have a truly happy New Year 2017 - you deserve it!



Monday, December 5, 2016

A Perfect Time To Get Prepared

So it's here again. December. I can't believe how time can go by this fast!

And as we're busy getting ready for the Holidays, we neglect to plan ahead for the coming year.

The majority of people would like to improve, get into better physical shape, making better decisions, grow intellectually or spiritually etc., to become a better human being. Are you one of them?

Most of us have no game plan how to make changes in our lives. It's business as usual: we live each day as we always have. We're habitual offenders when it comes to making changes, and more often than not, the resolutions we have for a new year dissipate before Valentine's Day.

Don't let that happen to you!

Take a little time now, before 2017 starts, and think about what you would like to accomplish, who you'd like to be. And don't let the to-do-list crush you. Instead, focus on a single property that will guide you through next year and beyond. Start with one item on your list.

Let the "Rockin' A New Beginning" incentive help you narrow it down:


Click here to access >>


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Gift of Love Will Change the World!

For all the violence, crime, hatred, greed and corruption - there is a conspiracy of love.

Highly capable (and trustworthy) people are not afraid of speaking up. They're not hiding behind Ninja masks. In fact, you can find them everywhere.

Look at facebook, for example. Or pinterest, youtube, or any other social site.

I bet you can point out at least a dozen posts per day, that show kindness in one way or another. Makes you be proud again of belonging to the human race. People who help others, beautifully sensitive quotes, compassion and selfless giving - all are abundant!

Even the animals are in on the trend. Species who are trained to be friendly with natural enemies: the famous meme, where cat allows budgies to hop around on it. Or the example of dogs nursing orphan squirrels, the bird who is feeding the fish. There are too many to be mentioned.

All these posts are curated by the drive of a positive attitude. They're shared by people who truly care. Humans, who want this planet to be a better pace for all of us.

Are you one of them?

It seems that overall, mankind can be awoken to the next level.

Yes - there still is work to be done, amid the negativity all around us. But the voices of those who are steadfastedly promoting a kinder society can't be drowned out.

Come with me, as we refuse to give up on our dream to make life better. Discover billions of people who think and feel the same. Use every opportunity you can to be a positive influence.

Love will change the world.



Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Am I Getting my Answers Today?

There are about 7.4 Billion people in this world right now. That's 7.400.000.000, or nearly seven-thousand-and-four-hundred times a Million. Allow this number to sink in.

And with that, there are 7.4 Billion perspectives. 7.4 Billion different lives. 7.4 Billion opinions.

If you know me in person, you also know that I have deep respect for any person's views and way of life. I am tolerant and accepting, and I don't have the slightest problem if you're my friend and your opinions are on the opposite side of the spectrum from mine. Be yourself. Go for whatever let's you make it through another day. Great.

But where does your freedom give you the right and moral OK to hurt other people? Or animals, for that matter? How can you justify killing someone other than it being self defense?

I don't care who you are, what you believe in, which shade of skin you wear, or how much power you think you have. Hurting or killing is NOT acceptable. And it's no solution. To anything.

How can we, as a society, make people SEE? How can we unify, forgive and move on as humans?

Once again, I am well aware that a nice letter to a terrorist won't do a darn thing. Again, I am strongly for defending our country and our way of life. I am humanitarian with a profound belief in being kind to others. And I'm also caught in a dilemma. I'd like to love "my enemy", but I'd rather see those close to me, my family and friends, be protected FIRST.

I don't expect you to understand my opinion and ideas, but I know we have the same VALUES. I know that your views differ from mine, but I also know: if you have a heart beating in your chest, then we're of the same race. Yes, RACE. As in brothers and sisters. A race with different perspectives, but a race that has love in their heart. Love for people, love for animals, love for LIFE!

Will I know how we can stop violence? When it will end?

Absolutely not. But regardless, I will, for the remainder of my life, spread as much love and kindness as I humanly can.

Are you with me?

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Mourning the Loss of One of Our Own

With deep sadness comes this post on the loss of a Love & Peace Ambassador.

Nina J. Murray passed away July 2nd after a long illness, which she fought so bravely.

Nina was a kind soul, always trying to help others, always jumping in when there was a need for a volunteer.

Her love for art resonated in her heart and in her work, and her passion for animals made her a voice for animal rights.

Nina will forever be missed, and she'll be remembered fondly as a caring human being with a beautiful soul.

My condolences go out to family and friends. Be assured that Nina's spirit lives on in those who knew and loved her.

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Launch of a New Era

Because the Love & Peace Project is not just about dedicating beads. Raising awareness about peaceful coexistence among humans has become more important than ever.

With today's start of the Second Annual "Summer of Love, Peace and Beads", you'll find more and more "virtual" events that promote understanding and communication.

If you're one of the "regulars" on this site, then you already know about its mission. Only now, the voices must become louder. Violence is not an option. With your help, sowing love and kindness can become the new standard - even if it's not making headlines.

Become a living, caring part of the solution and start by dedicating beads to friends in other countries!

learn more >>>

With that thought in mind, have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Cat is Out of the Bag!

In other words: we have a winner!

The inaugural "Love To The World!" contest is over, and the results are in. Thank You everybody who participated - you made this a really successful and fun event, judging from all the entries we received. For a list of winners, please see: Winners >>

It took a lot of commitment from the participating stores, and they deserve kudos for their kind spirit. One of them stood out as extraordinary: the Farmworker Council in Lake Worth.

Their Executive Director, Sergio Palacio, and his formidable staff did a marvelous job during February, and they easily took the Grand Prize in two categories.

Learn more about this wonderful organization by clicking on the image:

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Breaking with Tradition

It took me a very long time of weighing the pros and cons of a changing concept. And since the Neverending Necklace is in its 18th year, I feel it is a legitimate action to adapt to a new environment.

During these past years, the necklace was companion to a roller coaster life of its founder and guardian. On countless occasions it seemed impossible to carry on with the idea of love, peace and the beads that so wanted to represent it.

While love and peace were always at the core of this utopian vision, the struggles behind the scene were real. And each time, when I was ready to jump over the cliff of terminating the life of the Neverending Necklace, some good soul came along and unwittingly pulled me away from it - restoring faith and hope.

As many of you know, I have been playing with beads for nearly 30 years. But somehow, the professional side of it is beginning to wane: for various reasons my goals have shifted. And it was long overdue.

Because I'm getting pulled towards what I am passionate about: sowing the seeds of kindness. Doing good. Helping.

I'm no wealthy person by any stretch of the imagination. Seeing so much need even in my immediate social environment makes me feel helpless and frustrated that I can't do what my heart dictates.

But I still can string beads. Like mad.

So as of today, when a business sponsors a panel of beads, that fee goes 100% to a charity that has proven itself to help make this a better world. Hence the redesign of the website, so prospective sponsors can find a panel quickly and sponsor it easily.

To spread the idea further, the gift shop has switched gears too.

Jewelry is not important. Love and kindness and encouragement are. Out with the jewelry - in with lovingly crafted words. Uplifting, thankful, inspiring words. Words of joy and genuine sentiment. Ready to give to a dear person and make them feel appreciated and recognized.

As it should be.

Being conservative is good and necessary - except for when you have the chance to improve.

With love and peace,

                     Ingrid Webster


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Year For Peace...

by Ingrid Webster

Yes, it's the same headline as last time. Well, almost.

And it is a significant one, as we are going through a time of many changes. The world seems to turn faster, people become more sensitive, more aggressive, more compassionate, more oblivious - all at the same time.

Reflect on that for a while, and you'll have to admit that attitudes are being hijacked by a more connected world. Connected through social media, via cell phones, and getting informed like never before.

Our consciousness is shaped as we absorb beautifully illustrated quotes, memes and videos. It occurs each time we go online, watch TV, read posts. "Sharing" is really a form of succumbing to peer pressure, leaving an impact on the way we think as a global society.

We communicate in very different ways: faster and more frequently. With people who we had no idea existed, leave alone what their views were. Now these people are giving us an insight into their opinions, their behaviors good or bad, and an occasional advice. Amazing.

Wasn't that the goal for mankind all along?

I would suggest so. Because only if we know differently thinking people, can we start to understand them, getting a better perspective as a fringe benefit.

Only through thorough communication can we move towards peace. One by one.

Don't wait for the rest of the world to serve you a perfect planet on a silver platter.

Only YOU can make it change for the better.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Time to Rethink

by Ingrid Webster

Are we ready to to bet the farm on humanity?

What happened in Paris is not a stand alone event. The recent headlines put Egypt, Beirut, Syria and many other places in a spotlight that nobody wanted.

It seems that there is a group of humans who just don't know how to get along. Who choose violence over intelligent answers to the search for their ideology. And in the process, they're generating too much pain, too much grief and world wide anxiety.

I firmly believe in love, understanding, tolerance and acceptance of others. But I'm not naive enough to believe that throwing a load of loving thoughts at terrorists will stop them.

We must have a good defense system along with a brilliant strategy. That requires cooperation on a global level. Cooperation requires communication. And productive communication means listening first before speaking. Let's hope that "the Powers That Be" will have that skill.

Hope alone however, is not going to see us through this era of indiscriminate hatred.

Which is why it brings me back to kindness. Now than ever is it important to stay true to our own loving ways, because they are the only ones worth protecting. A violent society will eventually become extinct. A loving society will bring forth a mature humanity that fosters well designed means to enable their way of life.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Finding Love in all the Right Places...

by Ingrid Webster

A compilation of images from different places during my travels on foot. I always seem to find these objects, and they are everywhere. Good signs?

Click to see more:

Sending love back to the artist who did these around town in Lantana


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Not Just Words

by Ingrid Webster

The quest for love and peace is not a modern one: each and every single theory on living peacefully has already been explored by many great minds a long time ago.

The world knows (at least should know), that love, forgiveness, tolerance & Co. are the key words to inner peace and therefore peace at large.

So why is it, that we feel the need to repeat that mantra time after time? Why, do you think - should you have to read about it over and over again?

Answer: because repetition eventually becomes a habit. It's that simple. After all, we're humans, and that's just how the human mind works. Plus, our individual life expectancy does not allow us to reach further into the future.

Except of course, in the case of some outstanding human beings who continue to show us the way long after they're gone.

So I am happy for any sign which reminds me that love and peace are not merely words - they stand for a lifestyle, a commitment to live love, to live peace. And to share it.

One of my favorite cities, Delray Beach, has had the foresight to install a plaque on the 2nd Street sidewalk, dedicated to the life of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Here it is:




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Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



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