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The Charities


Stringing for Charity

Each time you dedicate your free beads, you're actually helping support charities in the process: the more beads you dedicate, the more money they'll receive.

Since March 1, 2016:

Once a business sponsors a panel, 100% of the sponsorship fee goes to a charity below.

Our goal is to help smaller charities that don't receive the same support as a large organization would. These small charities do a lot of good on a local level.

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 Vetsville Cease Fire House

The first charity to have received money from the Love & Peace Project is the Vetsville "Cease Fire House" in Boynton Beach, Florida. The Cease Fire House provides shelter and rehabilitation to homeless and/or disabled Veterans.

Founder of the Cease Fire House is Chris Noel, a movie star appearing in numerous films with many other famous and internationally known actors. Visit and enjoy her fabulous website:



Blooming With Autism

Founded by a dedicated mother of an autistic child, Blooming With Autism recognizes the various needs of children with Autism. This charity helps with grants that go towards therapy or therapy items.

Speech or occupational therapy are essential for the children's development and social integration.

Already well established in the Palm Beach County area, Blooming With Autism has been a wonderful resource for parents and families.

Learn more:



The Good Earth Farm

The Good Earth Farm, Inc. is a non-profit organization for the rescue of unwanted/neglected animals in western Palm Beach County.

It is a very well kept facility where you can ride ponies or visit the petting zoo and admire the peacocks strutting along the winding paths.

Visit the web site:



IFSA Burn Camp/Camp I Am Me

Each Summer the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance organizes a camp for young burn survivors where children can play and spend time without having to be self conscious about their burn injuries.

Love & Peace Ambassador Penny Sullivan introduced this charity to the Neverending Necklace and is the driving force behind raising funds for this wonderful organization in Illinois. Learn more about Camp I Am Me:



Farmworker Coordinating Council of Palm Beach County

One of the oldest non-profit organizations in Palm beach County, the Farmworker Council serves over 10,000 migrant farmworker families. Access to social services and immediate needs are the focus of this organization that helps farmworkers navigate their lives where needed.

This charity with its humble beginnings has grown into a well respected organization by providing humanitarian services through counselors, a well-stocked food pantry, clothing and language assistance.

See more:



Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue

Western Palm Beach County is home to a large Equestrian Community. Each Winter people come from all over the world to join the best sportsmen and women showing off their horses and talent.

This horse community is dedicated to their beloved animals and cares greatly about the welfare of these trusted four-legged friends. Much compassion here revolves around horse safety and well being. Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue (PTHR) was brought to life to rescue horses from slaughter houses.

"Pure Thoughts Horse and Foal rescue is dedicated to saving the lives of innocent horses, yearlings and foals that are destined for slaughter. Over Fifty Thousands of these beautiful Equines went to slaughter last year for human consumption. These animals suffered an excruciating and inhumane death. Pure Thoughts has saved and placed over 350 horses, yearlings and foals since it's beginning and intends to double those numbers in the coming year."

Visit PTHR's website:



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