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The Neverending Necklace in India


Maadhyam is proud to represent "The Neverending Necklace" in India:

Take YOUR step to unity!

People around the world need a better acceptance of each other. We can live together in harmony and share the love for others!





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Love & Peace Ambassador for India:

Saloman Jeldi

Visakhapatnam, AP, India

What is the meaning?

India is a country of many different cultures. Just like all the colors and shapes of the beads make a beautiful necklace, people of different heritage and belief can support each other for better communities, better countries and a better world.


Add beads - it's easy and FREE!

Dedicate beads to people you love, and watch as the "string of love and peace" becomes a symbol of understanding and a peaceful life together.

More information coming soon. In the meantime, add your beads here (it's free) or go to the home page to learn more.



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