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The Neverending Necklace in the Gambia


Gambia - The Smiling Coast

Hospitality and friendliness has made the Gambia a popular tourist destination. More importantly though, that country is very welcoming of strangers, and it willingly shares its beauty with foreigners from all over the world.



The Gambia is a marvelous place, and it's easy to love and cherish this as a place of paradise. However, various cultural roots are planted in this country. Now, a mixture of different traditions, customs and people must become a unified community.

Brothers and sisters again...

Let us build on that dream together. The future generations hold the key to understanding and tolerance, kindness and unity.

Some day, everybody will recognize that we are the same human beings. We share a common dream: living with love in our hearts, and making peace with all living creatures.


Love & Peace Ambassador for the Gambia:
  Alieu Gaye      
  Banjul, Western Division      

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Dedicate beads to people you love. One day, the "string of love and peace" becomes a symbol of kinship between all people.

What does it mean?

Just like the different colors and shapes of each bead can build a beautiful necklace, so can people of different heritage and belief make for a good community, a good country, a good world for all.

Add your beads here (it's free) or go to the home page to explore and learn more about the Neverending Necklace.


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