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Be Recognized!

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Sponsor a panel of beads - be seen forever

You can sponsor an individual panel of beads and show that you support more than a positive community. You're also helping a local charity.

Be that pillar - your rewards are plentiful and way beyond monetary...



How it works:


1.)  You sponsor a unique section of beads

2.)  Each bead on your section is dedicated to a loved person

3.)  Each dedication is in the "Love & Peace Journal", each with a link to your panel

4.)  Your panel gets its own page here, with a prominent  link to your own website

5.)  People visit "their" beads on YOUR panel here online, and in the future museum

What you may get:

  Your section gets its own page on this site, showing your business as sponsor

  A banner ad on the page of your sponsored panel

  An image (or special offer) that links to your website

  A blurb about your business on your section’s page

  Your business listing/logo in the online Directory

  Your business name/logo on select printed locally distributed brochures

  Social media placement: we talk about our sponsors on Facebook, Twitter and others

  Invitations to all special events with the Love & Peace Project

  Membership in the exclusive 1st Mile Club

  Your panel will be on permanent exhibit in the future museum

  When the necklace is on display, your business is honored with a plaque next to your panel

  Your business may qualify to receive free ads (sponsor 10+ feet, restrictions apply)


Best of all: Choose your own price

 100% of the money from your panel sponsorship goes to charity.

So typically: the longer your sponsored section, the better for the common good.

Fully deductible: You make your payment directly to one of the charities, after you select the beads you wish to sponsor.

Why it's good for you: the more beads that are on your section, the more beads can be dedicated. That means more traffic on your page, and more exposure for your ad message.


Sponsor 1 foot for only $199 - be seen for life! >

Only $99 per additional foot!


Join these Sponsors:


Now Choose Yours!

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*Sponsorships are for the duration of your business, as defined by legal terms. Payment due in full upon order of your sponsored section. In case of name and/or entity change, it is upon our discretion whether to extend the sponsorship terms.

The Love & Peace Project makes no guarantees as to count of impressions, nor will it be responsible for the maintenance of such beyond the life of its business.

Please note: Panel sponsorships available until sold. Prices are subject to change.

The panels remain property of the Love & Peace Project, so they can be exhibited together and enjoyed by everybody.

Legal Notice and Disclaimer: We reserve the right to withhold entries that are offensive, derogatory or discriminating. The Love & Peace Project is not responsible for information submitted to us by third parties, including content of their submitted websites.

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